Lecturers in GCSE Mathematics

Part Time
Hourly rate will be based on a band in the range of £25.80 - £38.31 per hour

We are looking to update and expand our bank of part time lecturers in the above subject. We are advertising for lecturers who would be available to work timetabled hours and/or at short notice to fulfil any staffing needs that we might have during the academic year due to long term staff absence for example.
Applicants should hold a degree or similar professional qualification and a recognised teaching qualification and have the energy and enthusiasm needed to contribute to a successful College.

Currently we have 9.5 hours confirmed teaching hours over 3 days for 2023/24. We will be interviewing as and when we receive suitable applicants and/or we have confirmed additional staffing needs.

Job Description


Curriculum Vitae are not accepted, Application Forms only.  

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply for this position, please visit our HOW TO APPLY page.