Bus Pass Portal FAQs

Our Bus Pass Portal is a new online payment system to purchase bus passes for students.

You can access the Bus Pass Portal below:

Bus pass Portal


How do I create an account?

Select ‘I don’t have an account’ and register HERE – you will require your student ID number, if you do not have this, please call 01208 224000 or email admissions@callywith.ac.uk

I’ve set up an account but haven’t received a verification email/text?

Ensure you have entered your telephone number and email address correctly and that the ‘Email address’ and ‘Confirm email address’ fields match.

Check that the email hasn’t been sent to your junk folder.

Can I pay for an annual pass using the portal?

Yes, provided you do not get a bursary.

Am I eligible for a bursary and where can I apply for one?

We can help towards bus pass costs if you have a household income of:

Less than £16,000 per annum - eligible for a bus pass at the subsidised rate of £50 to pay* 

£16,000 - £22,000 - eligible for a bus pass at the subsidised rate of £130 to pay*

£22,000 - £31,000 - eligible for a bus pass at the subsidised rate of £260 to pay*

*On application and dependent upon a minimum of 90% attendance each term for financial help the following term. 

If you think you may be eligble for a bursary, you can apply here.

Can I still apply for a bursary?

Yes, you can still apply for a bursary. Find out more here, email studentservices@callywith.ac.uk or call 01208 224460.

I'm eligible for a bursary. How do I apply it on the portal?

If you have a bursary, it will already be applied to your account. When you access the payment page, the remaining balance and how much the bursary has taken off the final amount, should be displayed.

Do I need any student information to purchase a pass?

You will just need the Student ID number.

How will I receive the bus pass?

First year students will collect their bus pass on their induction day. Returning students will collect them when they return to college on the first day of term.

Will I get a refund for last year’s bus pass?
If your Summer bus pass was purchased before lockdown and not collected, then you will be eligible for a refund. Please email transport@callywith.ac.uk with the student name, ID, how much you have paid, how you paid (card/cheque/cash) and your bank details and we will arrange a refund as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to transfer Summer payments to the Autumn term. You will need to make a payment for your Autumn bus pass on the online bus pass portal above. Payments will need to be received by the 4th September to be ready for collection on 7th September.

Who can I contact with Transport enquiries?

You can contact transport@callywith.ac.uk or call 01208 224000 for general transport enquiries.

For enquiries regarding bus timetable information including specific bus routes and stops, please contact Transport for Cornwall (Plymouth Citybus) by emailing ask@transportforcornwall.co.uk. or calling 0808 196 2632. Timetable information and a bus map can also be found here.