Julian Wills - Callywith Active Lead

Julian is Callywith Active Lead, as well as the High Performance Academy Coordinator, he brings his experience from many years of working in the sport and health and fitness industries to support and enhance Callywith's sport provisions.

What is your background?

After three years in the Royal Navy, I started working in the sport and leisure industry in 1990, initially as a lifeguard at Butlins, working my way through the sports sector to hold a number of positions at Regional and National Level, including British Para-Triathlon Manager. After four years working on the 2012 Olympic Legacy programme, I moved into the Education sector.

What inspired you to pursue a career in education?

Moving into the Education sector was a lifestyle choice. Having two very young children, I wanted to spend more time with them and be at home more.

What does your role involve?

Callywith Active Lead is a very diverse roll, that I thoroughly enjoy. I deliver a variety of initiatives, including Injury Management Appointments, First Aid Training, High Performance Academy coaching and the Callywith Active student programme.

What about working at Callywith College do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy everything about Callywith College. The students are great, as are the staff, the facilities are excellent, and the College's Senior Managment Team are visionary and encourage thoughts and new ideas.

What one thing about you might surprise people?

As British Para-Triathlon Manager, my work was paramount in the sport of triathlon becoming and Para-Olympic sport and I delivered the worlds first ever international Para-Triathlon event at Hyde Park, London.

When you’re not working, what is your favourite thing to do?

I spend a lot of time with my children climbing at various places across the UK, and hours on Dartmoor, either running, climbing or swimming. 

What advice would you give students considering applying to Callywith?

This is an outstanding educational establishment, with outstanding staff and outstanding facilities.