Computing, IT & Maths

Former Computing, IT & Maths students share their experiences at Callywith, what they are up to now and what they are planning on doing next.

From the course


Progression: BSc Computer Science and Mathematics - University of Bath

Courses studied:  A level Computer Science, Physics and Maths

Extra activites: Academic Academy

Previous school: Looe Community Academy

How did Callywith influence and support you in your application to university?

My tutor at Callywith Gary and my lecturer Paul really helped me with my personal statement and application to university. All lecturers and staff were supportive of me throughout my time at Callywith and especially when applying to university.

How have your A Level studies helped you in your degree?

In my second year of A Levels, time management became very important because there were so many important things I had to do in such a short amount of time (entrance exams, UCAS application, visiting/choosing universities, increased workload of A levels etc.) This skill has helped me greatly at university. The resilience and problem solving skills gained from A level maths have been really useful at university. The programming and formal computer science (principles of programming, data types etc.) in the computer science A level have also been very beneficial to my course.

How are you finding your course / experience at university?

I absolutely love my course. For example, in maths, abstract algebra really challenged me but by the end of the first semester I was really enjoying it. In computer science, creating my own hash table data type in C is probably the most fun I have had in programming to date. The University experience has been life changing, leaving Cornwall was the best choice I have ever made. Being at university has helped me to become an adult very quickly, massively boosted my confidence, taught me how to manage my mental and physical health better and I have made some friends for life!

What are you hoping to do in the future?

For my placement at University, I am going to apply to work at the large hadron collider in Geneva. After university, I hope to get a management position in a STEM-type company and gain enough experience to start my own business to which the end goal would be to develop Artificial General Intelligence.


Progression: Modern Languages - Swansea University

Courses studied: A Level French, Spanish and Media Studies

Extra activities: Football Academy, Spanish trips

Previous school: Callington Community College

How did Callywith support you in your application to university?

"When going through the university application process I had lots of support from all of my lecturers at Callywith and my tutor, Matt. My lecturers all helped me to write my personal statement and gave me advice about which universities were good for the course I wanted to do, they encouraged me to choose what university was best for me and I couldn't be happier with the choice I made with their advice."

How have your A Level studies helped you in your degree?

"A level studies in French and Spanish at Callywith helped me massively with preparation for a degree in Modern Languages because the lecturers push you to do extra work and will give you difficult content to make sure you are prepared. They are always there to check your work and further your knowledge. The fact that they pushed me to do extra content has been really helpful in my first year of uni and massively helped me to do well in my January and summer exams."

Why did you choose to study Modern Languages?

"I decided to study for a Modern Languages degree at uni because I've always enjoyed travelling to different countries and communicating with the locals. Throughout my GCSEs and A Levels I learnt that I was quite good at languages compared to other subjects and wanted to continue learning new things and developing my skills that I’ve already learnt. Being able to speak several different languages is also a really useful skill to have and so helpful when you go to other countries, however with languages subjects it's not all about grammar, you learn a lot about the cultures and the history of various countries which can be really interesting and broaden your knowledge of the language itself."

How are you finding your course / experience at university?

"I am really enjoying my uni course and loving the uni lifestyle of going out and meeting new people, my A levels and lecturers at Callywith really helped ease the transition into university studies and overall I had an amazing time in my first year of uni!"

What are you hoping to do in the future?

"In the future I am hoping to work in translation and interpreting."


Progression: Mathematics - Cardiff University

Courses studied: A Level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and PE

Extra Activites: Netball Academy

Previous School: Callington Community College

How are you finding your course/experience at university?

I'm really enjoying my university experience overall, despite the course being more challenging to learn due to coronavirus stopping lectures, in-person learning and libraries etc.

What do you enjoy in particular about studying Maths?

I chose to continue studying maths as I had 2 maths A Levels already and had no idea what job I wanted to go into, so it seemed like a good way to keep my options open. I’ve always liked maths because I find it comes naturally to me and is a lot more enjoyable to revise with practice questions rather than just cramming knowledge into your brain. 

How have your A Level studies helped you in your degree?

My A Levels have been very useful for my degree, although I found A Level Further Maths really difficult at the time, I’m so glad I did it because it’s been so useful in my degree.

What are you hoping to do in the future?

In the future, I hope to go into a financial role such as accounting or banking.


Progression: Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship with Rowe IT, University of Exeter

Courses studied: Level 3 IT Diploma and A Level Maths 

Previous school: Liskeard School

How much time do you spend in the workplace vs classroom?

We have online lectures one day a week, with a one-week residential per term. The rest of the time is spent working for the company (four days a week).

What’s a typical day for you when you are in work?

A typical day would start with having a catch-up meeting with my team where we discuss what we did the day before, and what we will be doing that day. I've recently been involved in a project where I had to develop a web app for a transport company, with guidance from my team I spent my days coding, helping to get the project complete. Amongst this I undertake training to develop my skills.

What’s a typical classroom/study day?

I have two online lectures in the morning, the afternoon is spent doing a mixture of assignment work and work set in the morning lectures.

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

I chose this route as I was very set on going into a career in IT. To me the benefits of an apprenticeship greatly outweighed the benefits of a traditional university route, particularly in the IT sector. I get the best of both worlds, a full degree and four years of invaluable work experience.

Why did you choose IT?

The sector is forever growing with new and interesting jobs being opened all the time. Even if you aren't thinking of pursuing a full career in IT, the skills you could learn from these courses will help you in almost every workplace where technology is used and assist you in your day-to-day life.

How did the College support and influence your decision to do an apprenticeship?

My lectures were very supportive of me going down this route. They gave me guidance and offered me support along the way.

What is the best thing about an apprenticeship?

The best things would be getting four years of on-the-job work experience in a field I love, whilst earning a full degree at the end of it. Over the last six months I have surprised myself with how much I have learnt. Other stand-out benefits are getting a full salary and no student debt.

What will your next steps be?

My next step would be to hopefully continue to work for my current company and hopefully in the future become a senior software developer.

Do you have any tips for students considering apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are great if you know the career path you want to take. They are a great way of developing your skills alongside gaining a qualification.


Progression: Information Communication Technician Apprenticeship with Devon Air Ambulance

Courses studied: Level 3 Applied Science

Previous school: Launceston College

How much time do you spend in the workplace vs classroom?

I don't go to classes but I instead submit project based on the work that I complete. My most recent project was taking a laptop apart to replace a few core components and then wrote it up.

What’s a typical day for you when you are in work?

We have a ticketing system that I helped design and build so that people can submit their problems through it which we help fix. I also go out to airbases and our shops to solve issues.

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

I didn't feel that University was for me as I wanted to get straight into work but at the same time learning and getting more qualifications.

What is the best thing about an apprenticeship?

The fact that I'm learning and working at the same time. I always learn something new and going to meetings and interacting with people makes it so much fun.

When do you finish and what will your next steps be?

I finish my apprenticeship in June and I will go on to be an IT Technician with lots more responsibilities and more knowledge to do more complicated things.

Do you have any tips for students considering apprenticeships?

If you feel like it's for you, go for it. Apprenticeships are amazing things to do because of how much you learn and experience whilst on the job. If university isn't your thing like it wasn't mine, then apprenticeships are perfect for you.