Former A Level History, Philosophy, English Literature talks about her experience of Callywith and studying at Durham University

Previous School: Wadebridge School

Courses studied: A Level History, Philosophy, English Literature

Extra Activities: Academic Academy, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Progression: Ancient History - Durham University

How are you finding your course/experience at uni?

I am loving university life so far! I have met so many new people and it is a great experience which I would recommend to anyone considering it. I am really enjoying my course, it offers lots of varied areas which are all super interesting. 

How did your time at Callywith influence and support your choice of/transition to university?

Callywith were very helpful with showing all the different options available to us post-college, 'Your future's week' was particularly useful in highlighting the variety of options, and to get us started at looking at the universities we may want to attend. My Tutor and Lecturers were very supportive in all aspects of my transition to university, answering any questions I had about it and supporting me with writing my personal statement and UCAS application. 

What did you enjoy in particular about studying A Level History?

I really enjoyed the content we learnt, I found it all very interesting and varied. It allowed me to learn about topics, such as the British Empire and the American Civil war which I had never studied before, but found to be very fascinating. Even Nazi Germany which I had studied at GCSE was engaging as it went into a much more significnat amount of detail and developed on things that I had already learnt. Further, the different ways we were taught the content meant it was never boring, especially as second year content was often built upon from first year topics. The lecturers were great and super approachable, supporting me in every aspect of the course.

Why you chose to study your uni course?

I have always had a love for history, and I really enjoyed both GCSE and A level history so I knew it was something I would like to develop a step further. However, I had also enjoyed reading and listening to podcasts about ancient history, but had never been able to study it at school, so I thought I would do it at university. 

How have your A Levels helped you in your degree?

As my course is fully essay based the essay writing skills I learnt in my A levels have been particularly useful. Especially how to reference and formulate a bibliography, which I learnt from completing my coursework in History and English Literature. It also helped me in learning how to manage my time and work, meaning I can balance both uni work and extracurricular activities.

What are you hoping to do in the future?

I want to go on after completing my degree to do a PGCE and train to be a primary school teacher.