Former A level Computer Science, Physics and Maths student Neo talks about his experience at Callywith and studying BSc Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Bath.

Previous school: Looe Community Academy

Courses studied:  A level Computer Science, Physics and Maths

Extra activites: Academic Academy

Progression: BSc Computer Science and Mathematics - University of Bath

How did Callywith influence and support you in your application to university?

My tutor at Callywith Gary and my lecturer Paul really helped me with my personal statement and application to university. All lecturers and staff were supportive of me throughout my time at Callywith and especially when applying to university.

How have your A Level studies helped you in your degree?

In my second year of A Levels, time management became very important because there were so many important things I had to do in such a short amount of time (entrance exams, UCAS application, visiting/choosing universities, increased workload of A levels etc.) This skill has helped me greatly at university. The resilience and problem solving skills gained from A level maths have been really useful at university. The programming and formal computer science (principles of programming, data types etc.) in the computer science A level have also been very beneficial to my course.

How are you finding your course / experience at university?

I absolutely love my course. For example, in maths, abstract algebra really challenged me but by the end of the first semester I was really enjoying it. In computer science, creating my own hash table data type in C is probably the most fun I have had in programming to date. The University experience has been life changing, leaving Cornwall was the best choice I have ever made. Being at university has helped me to become an adult very quickly, massively boosted my confidence, taught me how to manage my mental and physical health better and I have made some friends for life!

What are you hoping to do in the future?

For my placement at University, I am going to apply to work at the large hadron collider in Geneva. After university, I hope to get a management position in a STEM-type company and gain enough experience to start my own business to which the end goal would be to develop Artificial General Intelligence.