Former Level 3 Travel & Tourism Diploma student Sam talks about his experience at Callywith and his Level 4 Apprenticeship in Construction Site Supervision with Kier Construction.

Previous school: Wadebridge School

Courses studied: Level 3 Travel & Tourism Diploma

Progression: Level 4 Apprenticeship in Construction Site Supervision - Kier Construction

What does your role as an apprentice involve?

My role as an apprentice has involved shadowing other members of the team, monitoring health and safety on site, checking quality of works being undertaken, co-ordinating different trades on site and engagement with the community surrounding our projects.

What have you enjoyed about your apprenticeship role?

During my apprenticeship, I have enjoyed being able to manage my own workload and making a difference in communities though new buildings and community engagement initiatives.

What did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I didn’t like the idea of going to uni and traveling to another area. I also didn’t want to incur any debt and wanted to kickstart a career and start earning money whilst still continuing my education.

What is the best thing about an apprenticeship?

The best thing about doing an apprenticeship is being able to gain invaluable experience in a chosen field and having the opportunity to build a network (crucial for being able to negotiate a good position after completing an apprenticeship). It is also beneficial to have a qualification fully paid for by your employer and to be able to earn money throughout.

How much time do you spend in the workplace vs classroom?

I work 4 days a week with Kier Construction and the course is delivered at Cornwall College 1 day a week – awarding body: University of Plymouth.

How did Callywith support and influence your decision to do an apprenticeship?

I was offered career advice support sessions at Callywith where I was shown websites where apprenticeships were advertised. I was also given help with preparing a CV and with practicing interview questions.

Do you have any tips for students considering apprenticeships?

My tips would be to consider the massive change in lifestyle including no school holidays, longer working hours than currently at college, and being around older and more experienced people rather than classmates. I would also suggest building a network as this can create new opportunities and help to secure a favourable position after your apprenticeship.

When do you finish and what will your next steps be?

I undertook my level 4 apprenticeship from 2021-2023 and I am now working as an Assistant Site Manager for Kier who have enrolled me onto a Level 6 Construction Management Degree on block release at Sheffield Hallam University.