A Level and BTEC students receive excellent university offers

A Level and BTEC students at Callywith College have bright futures on the horizon as they receive excellent university offers from across the country.

Deanna Hughes, who is studying A Levels in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths, plus an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has done extremely well to receive five university offers, with her preferred choice being University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences.

Deanna, who previously attended Penrice Academy and is a Student Ambassador at Callywith College, shared how she is feeling to receive her offers: “I’m surprised but I'm really proud of myself and the work that I put in towards them and I am really looking forward to studying subjects that I enjoy in greater depth at university.

“Callywith has provided me with so many opportunities and the help from lecturers has been incredible to support me with my journey. In the future, I want to be able to apply my learning to a career in research.”

Deanna has received five offers with her preferred choice being University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences

A Level French, Maths, Psychology and Law student Kerry Hillman, has so far received three university offers with her preferred choice being University of Oxford to study Law.

Kerry, who previously attended Launceston College shared: "Having received the offers, I have been given the exciting opportunity to delve into the subject further and gain a deeper understanding of the law in a new and challenging environment. The support from the staff at Callywith has been unmatchable, with tailored guidance throughout the entire university application process."

A Level Business, Geography, Media and EPQ student George McIntyre, who previously attended Poltair School, has received four offers with his preferred choice being Exeter University to study Business and Management.

George, who attends the College’s Basketball Academy and is also a Student Ambassador, shared: “I am feeling extremely pleased and proud with my offers. It's great to be able to have the range of choice upon my final decision.

“I am feeling both excited and nervous for the uni journey. I am looking forward to studying a subject which I found out I really enjoyed whilst at Callywith. I think the degree will have a lot of potential paths to follow and I am looking forward to the journey it takes me on. I am also looking forward to the freedom and the stepping stone into the scary world of living, as well as the range of societies on offer and the opportunities and trips that are in abundance.

“Callywith has helped to introduce the way of life as a post-school student and has so many things to make your time the best it can be, as well as giving all the support and more that you could need after your journey at Callywith has finished. The breadth and quality of teaching of my courses have all equally pushed me to find my interests and passions and I have picked my university course with all of my A Levels in mind. As business was a new subject for me at A Level, Callywith has done a lot to make me want to pursue it further.

“I have so many ideas as to where I want to take my knowledge and qualifications, be it owning my own business, working for an influential company making a difference, or doing something that only exists so far in the future. I want to aim to be as ambitious as I have been inspired.

“Callywith has been a great hub for success that never ceases to be the best for its students. The knowledge, passion and care you get from the staff is unmatched - they are truly always there for you, especially with big moments like these."

George has received four offers with his preferred choice being Exeter University to study Business and Management

It’s not just A Level students who have received some excellent offers to study at university, BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care Diploma student Saf Dos Santos, has so far received three offers with her preferred choice being Exeter University to study Psychology.

Saf, who previously attended Penrice Academy shared: “I am really pleased with my offers, it has assured me I have more opportunities to choose from for my future than the path I gave myself before. I am excited about going to university, I am looking forward to 'uni life' where I can feel more independent and meet new people.

“Callywith has helped me realise I have potential to become successful in a career that I never thought would come true, it has boosted my self-confidence to apply for university with the support from lecturers and my personal development tutor.

"In the future, I am hoping to become a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in NHS Talking Therapies, helping individuals with their wellbeing, and making a difference to their lives."

Saf has so far received three offers with her preferred choice being Exeter University to study Psychology

Callywith College Principal Jon Grey said he and staff at the College are thrilled for all of the students to receive offers so far: “This is what Callywith is all about. We are here to support students to develop their academic, professional and personal knowledge, skills and experiences so that they can seize opportunities for their future.

“The College staff work tirelessly to develop ambitious, hard-working and capable young people with high aspirations. When students are ready to leave us with the qualifications and self-belief to successfully start a job, apprenticeship, or university study, then we are fulfilling our purpose."

Online applications are now open for September 2024. With places filling rapidly, to guarantee an interview for a place in September 2024, apply by 18th February here.