Callywith leavers celebrate their final days at college

Student 2022 leavers said their final farewells to fellow classmates and teachers as they celebrated completing their two years at Callywith College.

Callywith Principal Dr Jon Grey shared how proud he and staff at the College are of the students: “We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our student leavers and everything they have overcome and achieved during their time with us.

“It’s been amazing to have been able to say goodbye to them all properly again this year and to see them celebrating their last days of college with their classmates and teachers.

“We hope they have a fantastic summer and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them all. We look forward to welcoming some of them back to inspire the next generation of Callywith students.”

During their last week, many students took the time to reflect on their positive experiences at the Ofsted Outstanding College, with one student saying: “I had a very supportive experience at Callywith and gained a lot of confidence throughout my course. My teachers were very supportive and helped me throughout the way.”

Other students shared: “Callywith has been avery comprehensive send off into higher education, very supportive with all aspects of support offered. Education was very good with lots of fun activities planned” and “I loved every minute of my time at Callywith and couldn't have asked for a better experience.”

Another student shared their high praises of the staff at the College: “The friendly and enthusiastic lecturers at Callywith allowed me to reach my potential within my course. Wish I could stay longer!”