Callywith Student Council learn restorative skills for teamwork and leadership

RJ Working, a charity that offers programmes to reduce inequalities and tackle injustice restoratively, recently ran a brilliant training programme for the Callywith Student Council in Restorative Skills for Teamwork and Leadership.

Restorative Practice Development Lead, Lucy Pearson, worked with the group to build a vision and goals for the Student Council, and to explore different approaches to collective decision making. The students learnt about Restorative Practice as a way to strengthen their team and deal with conflict if it arises.

The Student Council also explored Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and thought about how to make sure that they are representative of and responsive to the needs of all students across the College.

What is Restorative Practice?

Restorative Practice simply means ‘making things better’. For young people, this means having better relationships and the skills to look after themselves and each other. This creates a foundation for building fairer communities and tackling inequalities.

RJ Working creates a culture of care between young people, recognising and valuing their strengths, young people are supported to cascade their learning to others, achieving a ripple effect for tackling and preventing harm in their communities.

The Student Council were recently presented with booklets capturing all the work they had done together.