Esports Academy Success

It’s been a fantastic year for our Esports Academy with our Rocket League and Overwatch Esports Teams both doing brilliantly in this year’s British Esports Association (BEA) championships and one of the academy’s students even winning a BEA logo design competition!

The Rocket League team, known as Basilisk, played a series of fiercely competitive games through the Winter Qualifiers. Moving onto the Spring Divisions, the team was able to dominate their games, securing a spot in the tournament playoffs. One of these amazing games was live streamed on the British Esports Association's Twitch channel, with Esports commentators spectating the event, gaining compliments from the hosts for their teamwork and strong gameplay.

Moving onto the playoffs was a big step, playing against the top tier teams of their grouping, but the Callywith team were still fighting and playing strong. The Basilisk team fought their way to the quarterfinals of the competition, where they ultimately met their match in the competition. However, this hasn't stopped them from continuing to practice their competitive skills, team communication or love for the game. 

Esports Academy Rocket League team, Basilisk

Our two Overwatch teams have also seen success this year, bringing together new friends and teams together to compete in the British Esports Association competition.

Esports Academy Overwatch teams

During this time, students have taken on an active role in organising their team structures, with captains, players and entering creative competitions. Esports Academy member Rhys Gray was one such creative winner in the logo design competition, earning the opportunity to work with professional Graphic Designer William Jones to have his designs and ideas realised. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team and for Rhys to rebrand, showing off their new colours with the redefined Cobalt & Crimson Krakens.

Rhys Gray - British Esports Association logo design competition winner

Rhys shared: “The logo competition was brought to my attention by one of my lecturers and allowed me to put forward my original logo design which was originally a combination of the Overwatch and Callywith College logos. After a while, I didn't think that I had won it until my lecturer, Sam, had told me that the logo I had designed was one of the winners, which made me very happy! The reward, which was a redesign of the logo, allowed me to develop the branding of the team and redesign both teams into the Callywith Krakens.

“I am extremely happy with final designs, and they encompass exactly what I was looking for, which was inspired by the idea of a kraken taking down a ship in the usual sense of wrapping its tentacles around the ship and pulling it down to Davy Jones' Locker.

“I joined the Esports Academy because I felt that it was an amazing opportunity to make a difference for the College. I feel as though, not being a teammate, I have still made a massive difference and feel as though anybody wanting to try out for the team can help develop the academy to its greatest potential.”

Overall, it's been an outstanding year for the Esports Academy, and we look forward to the new games and players of next year!

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