Freya talks sustainability

Callywith A Level student Freya Greaves spoke about companies taking responsibility for waste and using waste products to create something new and useful at the National Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Bournemouth.

Freya, who is studying A Levels in Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, spoke on a youth board called "passing on the torch, the meek shall not inherit the earth".

Since the conference, Chelmsford Council have reached out to Freya about working with her to build a youth network to help climate change, as well as helping them engage with the youth groups such as the Youth Liberal Democrats.

Freya also models for local clothing business, Valley Store and Studio, who sell second-hand and environmentally friendly clothing in Cornwall and has started a Callywith sustainability group together with Callywith Environmental Science Lecturer Carly Riley with the aim of helping reduce Callywith’s carbon footprint and provide students and staff with an opportunity to get actively involved in making their learning environment more sustainable. The first meeting was attended by staff and students and some excellent ideas were put forward to improve sustainability at the College - some of which have already been implemented around the College such as clearer recycling stations, and the ability for students and staff to now use their own containers in the canteen.

If you want to get involved or have any of your own ideas, contact Carly Riley via email

We can't wait to see what else Freya does to reduce waste and help tackle climate change in the future, great work Freya!