Future Police Officers enjoy work experience week

Devon & Cornwall Police recently held their annual work experience week at Callywith for year 12 students from across Cornwall including our Level 3 Uniformed Protective Services Diploma students. 

The week compromised of several workshops and presentations, practical learning opportunities, and guest speakers covering the many different aspects of policing in the modern world including scenes of crime, dog handling and armed response.

Students learnt about career opportunities within policing, as well as the practical and detailed workings of the job and finished off the week with a parade.

Students were rewarded with an amazing insight into policing as a career and made important contacts. Callywith Protective Services student Tyler Powell said: “The police work experience was a great opportunity to engage in both theoretical and practical work and discussions. Having a dog handler come in with an experienced dog to show us how they are trained and looked after, even getting to see the dog work in action, was fascinating.

“The forensics that visited us showed us how to look for finger-prints and how magnetic dust can uncover lots of hidden details that are usually hidden to the human eye, showing and sharing stories of real life experiences and setting up a practical setting of how to deal with a situation if it ever occurred in the future.

“Another part of the work experience that took everyone by surprise was the Armed Police coming in and passing all their equipment around. A G36C, Remington 870, Glock 17, was full of fun to see and hold. The marching drills everyday were also an interesting experience because not many people are used to being told what to do in a certain way repeatedly. I personally enjoyed the routine, especially when everyone was in uniform, making it look very official and smart.

“It was a week full of fun and interesting stories and practical work that will benefit me in the future through having an understanding of it all and helping me to stand out from the rest.”

Another of our Protective Services students, Lou Belringer shared: “I found the work experience very good as I enjoy learning about the police. I had previously participated in similar work experience from Devon & Cornwall Police in year 10 so it was great to have the opportunity to complete it again. I mainly enjoyed learning about writing statements and the paperwork the police carry out, as well as leading drill and teaching it to others.

“The work experience will also be a great CV booster alongside everything else I’ve done as it gives a better insight into the policing job that I will be joining in the future.”