Geography students embark on once in a life-time trip to Toronto

A Level Geography students have recently returned from an extraordinary journey to Toronto, Canada, a city bursting with cultural diversity, urban landscapes, and natural wonders.

From exploring the vibrant neighborhoods to studying the unique geographical features of the region, the trip was an enriching experience that will undoubtedly enhance students' understanding of the world around us.

Humanities Programme Team Leader Huw Williams, who joined students on the trip, said: “The trip was a great opportunity for students to experience a World Hub City in full flow. As well as being a huge multicultural city, Toronto also presents as a very America place with an underlying UK/European cultural feel.

“In addition to seeing the city that they learn about in their Geography lessons, the students also attended cultural events such as ice hockey, basketball, a trip on an American school bus and an ice-skating session. The main events for many of the students included seeing some of the Wonders of the World including the awesome Niagara Falls and going to the top highest possible viewpoint on the CN tower, over half a kilometre above the earth's surface. Lots of walking and fun, powered by Canadian traditional food like Poutine and Maple Syrup... A great trip!”

Callywith Geography student Harvey Holmes shared: “I loved the entire experience. Going to the places that we had studied for example Regent Park Ghetto and Cabbagetown and looked at in google earth too. Feeling the entire vibe of Toronto, going to the Basketball and Ice Hockey games, was surely a once in a lifetime experience. If I had the opportunity to, I would definitely go again.”

Fellow Geography student Abi Sutcliffe said: “Overall, I really enjoyed the trip, especially visiting the CN tower and Niagara Falls. I also found it interesting to explore parts of Toronto that we have learnt about in lessons.”