Students share their experiences working in Care

Former and current students who have been working in the care sector throughout lockdown, share their experiences and the challenges they have faced.

Former Health & Social Care Diploma student Leah, has been working at Penmount Grange dementia care home in Lanivet twice a week. Leah helps the home’s vulnerable service users with their feeds, keeping up their fluids, interacting with all residents, cleaning bedrooms and providing personal care for those who are bed bound.

Leah said: “Working in a care home has taught me how to be more patient with people especially those with health conditions such as dementia and taught me to be more of myself as it is a rewarding experience."

Another of our amazing former students, Beth has been working in a complex care nursing home with challenging individuals with dementia and occasionally mental health issues and Huntington’s disease.

Beth, who previously studied Applied Science at Callywith said: “I left my job at the care home when I started studying BSC Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Plymouth last September and I really missed some of my service users. When I had to move back home because of the coronavirus, I wanted my job back. It’s been really hard seeing my service users under these circumstances as they can’t see their family face to face and a majority cannot interact on skype with their family."

Leah Dent
Former Health & Social Care student

Beth Tincombe
Former Applied Science student

Former Health & Social Care student Darcy, who has secured a Mental Health Nurse Apprenticeship starting in September, has been working at Hillcrest Care Home with dementia residents; helping to feed and provide personal care to those that are bed bound, as well as guiding more mobile residents who are often quite confused.

Darcy, who has had Covid-19 said: “My experience of this time has been mostly positive, and I love working in a care home. But it has been a massive change with lots of us carers off work at the moment recovering from COVID-19. I feel proud to be a key worker at this time and to be able to help the vulnerable.”

Another of our wonderful students Hannah, who starts her Mental Health Nursing Apprenticeship in September, has been working as a housekeeper at St Breock Home in Wadebridge since February. Hannah has been caring for those that stay there for respite, as well as permanent residents, most of which have dementia and require hoists and walking aids.

Hannah said: "The main challenge for me has been seeing the clients suffer when they are ill, but I feel very proud to be a key worker. I am glad to still be able to go out to work and not be stuck at home because I love my job."

Darcy Mudd
Former Health & Social Care student

Hannah Littlefield
Former Health & Social Care student

Former Health & Social Care Diploma student Natalia, is currently working at Bodmin Hospital on the mental health wards where she is helping patients get better and providing them with the best recovery possible.

Natalia, who had started mental health nursing at university, had to move back home because of its closure and cancellation of her placement due to Covid-19, so she decided to apply for the job at Bodmin Hospital to help out during this time.

Natalia said: "My main challenge has been getting used to different wards and their policies. I also found it hard to get used to wearing PPE, as it gets too hot and I find it hard to talk to patients while wearing a mask as I feel like they can’t hear me properly or can’t see that I’m smiling."

Kayleigh, who studies A Level Law, Sociology and Psychology at Callywith, has been working at Complete Care and Support in Launceston. Working alongside her family, Kayleigh has been caring for a variety of people in their own homes including making meals and personal care, caring for people with lots of different needs from short term rehabilitation to end of life care.

Kayleigh said: “Working during this time has shown me how important my job really is and how now more than ever we are the only people seeing our clients. I am extremely proud of everything that I do as a carer and I am proud of the community we live in that we are able to come together, donate and support carers.”

Natalia Jarzebak
Former Health & Social Care student

Kayleigh Pinnell
A Level Psychology, Sociology & Law student

Here is another of our amazing Health & Social Care Diploma students Amber, who has been working for Bluebird Care Cornwall North caring mostly for the elderly and also people with disabilities in their own homes by doing their cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing and anything else they need help with.

Amber said: "The main challenge has been dealing with wearing PPE, which is so hot! But it feels good to be out and about and it is really rewarding knowing that I have made a difference to somebody’s day. I also like to keep busy, so it’s nice.

Amber Quinn
Former Health & Social Care student