Students set goals for the new year

During students’ first tutor time sessions of the year with their Personal Development Tutors, students have been exploring new year resolutions, as well as sharing their ideas for upcoming tutor sessions.

With the new start of term comes a great opportunity for self-reflection and goal setting for this year. Some of our students have been participating in a brilliant ‘snowballs’ activity – writing down their new year resolutions or goals for the future on some paper and screwing it up for a snowball fight! Once all the snowballs were mixed up, each student picked up an anonymous snowball and read out loud what was written to the group offering their advice, ideas, and ‘SMART’ targets on how the goal could be achieved.

This term, students have also been coming up with their own ideas for a 60-minute tutor time session. Some of their fantastic ideas so far include ‘making the most of life’, a student recipe book for those going to uni, networking with other students going to the same uni after college, as well as budgeting and the cost of living.

Students cover a range of topics during their weekly tutor time sessions to support them with their personal, social, health and educational development and in becoming well-rounded and resilient young adults.

Tutor time is a safe space in students’ week where they can learn about, discuss, and explore important topics that they may not cover in their main programme of study.

Future topics include student finance and personal finance, exam stress, apprenticeships and higher education, healthy relationships, body image and awareness, moving out of home, learning to drive, mental health, gender and sexuality and climate change to name a few!