How to stay motivated when learning online (Blog)

To help you feel more prepared for online classes recommencing Tuesday 5th January, we’ve put together our top tips for staying motivated and making the most of your time when studying from home.

1. Get up and dressed for the day

As tempting as it may be, try not to sit in your PJ’s all day. Taking a shower, eating breakfast and getting up and dressed as you normally would when going to College will help motivate you for the day ahead!

2. Set up a dedicated work space

Set up a dedicated work space for studying/working, with all the things you need. Find a comfortable chair and use a desk or kitchen table ideally in a separate space from distractions / where you usually sleep or relax.

3. Define a to do list

Setting goals you hope to achieve by the end of each day and ticking them off as you go, can really help with your productivity and provide some structure to your day.

4. Take a break

Don’t sit down all day. Get up and stretch every now and again. Get some fresh air and walk the dog and make sure to eat and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

5. Exercise

Why not use your regular commuting time to do a home workout or some yoga.

6. Relax

Make sure you find some time for you and do something you find relaxing, like taking a bath, reading or watching a box-set.

7. Stay connected

Social distance, but stay social! Keep in touch with your lecturers and classmates during and outside of online lessons. Teachers and support staff are still here to support you the best they can.

Remember thar we're all in this together!