Medics’ Academy

If you are considering a career in Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry, then the Medics’ Academy is for you.

If you are considering a career in Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry, then the Medics’ Academy is for you. Making a successful application to the highly competitive university courses that lead to these professions, is a long and potentially difficult process. In addition to the large range of destination choices, there are a whole range of entrance tests, work experience requirements and application scoring systems that need to be understood. Whilst it is possible to succeed without the academy, learning to understand the system will really help.

The Medics’ Academy is taken in addition to A-levels or an Extended Diploma and will support students to build the necessary skills and experience to succeed. It is a fun and interactive program that is designed to confirm your interest in these challenging careers and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Medics’ Academy sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons and will predominantly be delivered at Callywith College, although some sessions may take place off site. Sessions will take the form of guest lectures, practical workshops, small group tutorials that aim to enhance understanding and knowledge of the Medical, Dental and Veterinary professions and applications processes. The programme is coordinated by the college and utilises links with medical schools in Exeter and Plymouth, the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, local GPs and other health care professionals.

Term 1

The work covered in this term will build your awareness of what universities look for in students who apply to medicine. This will include:

The academic qualifications needed and the use of university entrance tests.

The relevant work experience needed.

The personal qualities they seek, and how to evidence such qualities.

The link between academic study and medical issues/ethics.

Additional qualities that the universities will assess.

An appreciation of what a degree and career in medicine entails.

Term 2

Work covered in this term will include:

A course delivered over the term by the WAMS students in years four and five at Medical School. Through individual sessions and group work the course will address and take forward the foundation work covered in Term 1.

A course delivered over the term, which will address the breadth of work experience needed for an application to medicine.

Term 3

The work covered in this term will prepare you for your actual application to medicine, which will take place at the start of Term 4. This will include:

Revision lectures for the university entrance exams for medicine, which include the UKCAT and BMAT tests.

Lectures to support you in writing your personal statement for an application to medicine.

Small group sessions run by the Medical School WAMS students to prepare students for an interview at medical school.

Lectures on how to optimise your choice of medical school in relation to your individual strengths.

Year 2

Individual application mentoring and support.

Interview practice.

Preparing for University.