Meet the Team

If you are in need of advice, guidance and support, the Student Services and careers team are dedicated to helping you.

Our careers advisors are committed to ensuring students have the support needed to discover more about many of the career pathways to help them make informed, rational career decisions.

The team can be contacted by emailing (personal support) or (careers advice), calling 01208 224 460 or by using the contact details below.

A meeting with one of the college's careers advisers can also be requested by completing the booking form below:

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Jamie Crowle
Student Services / Careers Lead
01208 224126

Nicola Pennicook
Work Placement Officer
01208 224218

David Sellars
Careers Adviser

Sue Willmott
Careers Adviser

Moira Bawden
Personal Support Advisor
01208 224168

Jess Dean
Personal Support Advisor
01208 224235

Amy Fagg
Mental Health Advisor/Counsellor
01208 224196

Ros Sandercock
Student Services Admin Assistant
01208 224115

Nettie Long
Safeguarding Officer
01208 224081

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